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Since 1985 uniFARM has been supplying, installing and servicing livestock systems that turns feed into growth across Western Australia.

uniFARM specialises in finding solutions that will not only keep your farm or agricultural business running, but make it more efficient and profitable.

We don’t just source, supply and install cutting-edge hardware and automation that will put your farm at the forefront of your industry – we design and assemble your system and make sure it runs to expectation.

Our job is to keep you operating and up to date, to improve business operations throughout WA’s vital Agricultural & Feed industry.

Discover our suite of milling and grain processing solutions that can address most agricultural and food processing requirements. 


Learn more about a range of mixing technologies that blend the various inputs into a ration ensures a balanced composition so that each animal receives the required intake of each ingredient.   

Feed Management Solutions for Agri Business

Our core business is Agriculture. We aim to stay at the cutting edge of agricultural technology and growth sectors, to ensure we transform side by side with this dynamic industry.

Food security is paramount to our future. As part of WA’s vital food link, our projects range from building an auger for a sheep feedlot, to implementing innovative new technology that transforms the way beef farmers raise their cattle.

To keep local farmers supplied with reliable technology, we are capable of supplying mobile milling and handling equipment from Canada such as Renn and from Australia such as Thomas, as well as implementing innovative AI Automation from Mitsubishi across the country for a variety of systems.

 We supply services to both the farming and industrial sectors of Australia’s agricultural industry.


What is it you need to achieve, and how do we break it down into stages? Every farm is different – and so are the solutions that will make your business more efficient, more cost effective and more profitable.

uniFARM will supply, install, design, and assemble electrical hardware and automated technology needs onsite, all tailored to your requirements. We have seen and experienced finding solutions for many types of breakdowns and have yet to come across a scenario where we couldn’t get you up and running to keep you operational – which is very important when dealing with livestock.

Turnkey projects

Mill, mixing and moving: build a new plant, decommission the old, integrate and go!

uniFARM currently works on several turnkey projects each year. While we have primarily worked with dairies for the past 30 years, there are a number of growth areas such as breweries, piggeries and the nut industry, all with the potential to start up in local agricultural areas. Contact us to discuss your project.

uniFARM are the only authorised stockists, agents and installers of specialised feed and milling systems in WA.


  • UniFARM are really good at resourcing solutions. They have a dynamic approach to what they do, and provide great customer support as well.”

    Daniel Neill, Owner Giant Valley Beef

    Daniel Neill
    Giant Valley Beef
  • “Fast, efficient, friendly, and the best service in WA. Nobody else in WA is that quick and efficient.”

    John Koprawa
    Farm Manager
    CM Farms
  • “I first started dealing with UniFARM before it was sold. We put in a feed system for the horses. It was really good, it worked well, and they’re very good to deal with.”

    Phil Ibbotson
    Westbury Park
  • “We’ve dealt with UniFARM over the years. They’ve done a good job, advised us on what we need to do and then supplied and fitted the required equipment.”

    Terry Stiles
    Mill Manager
    Produce Link Australind
  • Good service, know their products, reliable, reasonably priced.

    Tony Mucciarone
    Bio John


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