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You can process grain in many ways. One of the most ancient and popular uses for grain is, of course, beer!

At uniFARM we are revolutionising the operations of breweries that specialise in Craft Beer – the biggest contemporary growth industry for distilling.

We have also provided bulk grain handling, weighing, milling, recipe controller, and mixing systems with a flexi auger to our clients.

Farmer is working on farm with dairy cows

Milk Processors

We provide repairs, modifications and shade shelters to dairies, and have installed augers and cablevey systems.

We install our equipment in dairies, connecting silos and sheds that provides product that goes into processing the milk.

Farmer is working on farm with dairy cows
Cows in a barn

Pastoral and Feedlot

We’re pioneering an automated feeding system that will revolutionise and automate pastoral farming. We’re also educating farmers about higher body gains and more efficient ways to raise their cattle through transitioning from pastoral/grass feeding to high protein grain-finished rations to increase animal profitability.


Feedlot and Fine Wool

We work with sheep, farmer feedlot and fine wool, who use grain feeding for quick productivity (meat) gains within 60-90 days, and provide high protein rations with stud sheep herd and high intensity shed systems. .

Livestock breeding. The farm pigs.


Our clients operate high intensity feeding operations that require highly reliable hardware and backup servicing. Falcon Chain and Disc Systems are used in many piggeries around Australia. Due to their reliability and distance, the system is capable of delivering up to 300m return. 

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Industry Stockists

We assist command feed suppliers to mix, mill and move animal nutrient with quality hardware, working with two types of feed products: pellets and/or mash (gristed grain). The lowest input cost is traditional milled grain: with manageable quality, made to order, it requires less than pelletised concentrates, for high product pellet quality varies in the produce, and cost can be 30 per cent higher than milled grain.


animal feed

Chicken & Egg Farms

We provide complete annual shed clean outs, repairs and upgrades to poultry businesses, as well as automated shed curtains and layer box repairs. We can provide turnkey silo transfer stations, growing sheds for day old chickens, and finisher rations for chickens that are gourmet food products.

Horses in their stable

Stud Parks

We supply automated milling systems to equine farms that allow nutritionists to design how much food they want in a specific place, and have it delivered straight there.

We can provide a crushing, mixing and pelleting services customised to your specific recipes.

Our feed systems that deliver high value nutrients for spelling and horses in work.

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