6″ Roller Mill on trailer with PTO Drive Shaft

Roller Mill on Trailer

For the perfect crushed grain ideal for

• Beef Cattle
• Dairy Cattle
• Poultry
• Horses etc


• Wheat, Triticale, Sorghum 6
• Corn 4
• Barley, Lupins Peas 4
• Oats 2.5

Rollers 150 wide * 240 mm dia. Teeth (flutes) angular cut at 90 degrees, tooth form for longer life, greater capacity and a better product.

Both rollers belt driven for positive feed and quieter longer life.

Spring release mechanism allows foreign objects to pass through without any damage to rollers or bearings.

Dairy Type Feed Mixing System

• 150mm or 300mm-roller mill with electric drive kit and electric motor.
• Concentrated mineral and vitamin feeder on special silo.
• Auger up to holding silo with foot mounted electric motor