Additive Dispenser

Additive dispenser

Additive Dispenser is designed to accurately introduce supplements and / or additives into a feed system or Roller Mill. The additive dispenser is supplied with a three pin plug and can be plugged in and turned on, it’s ready to go. It can also be hard wired and set up to run as a fully auto machine.

The Additive Despenser has the ability to stop and start as the Roller Mill stops and starts.

The amount the Additive Dispenser distributes is controlled by a simple turn of a dial. This will set the speed of the auger in the bottom of the dispenser and therefore the amount of product distributed. They are designed to auger,grain or pellets.

Three Sizes are available:

50mm Additive Dispenser (based on test using wheat in whole grain form)

  • 20-1 gearbox set low = .77kg per min.
  • 20- 1 gearbox set high = 2.9 kg per min.
  • 30- 1 gearbox set low = .54kg per min.
  • 30- 1 gearbox set high = 2.13kg per min

65mm Additive Dispenser

  • 20-1 gearbox set low = 2.9kg per min.
  • 20- 1 gearbox set high = 6.5 kg per min.
  • 30- 1 gearbox set low = 1.5kg per min
  • 30- 1 gearbox set hig h= 6.25kg per min

80mm Additive Dispenser.

Additive Dispenser 1