Batch Weighers

Batch Weigher

Batch weighers operate on a continuous batch weighing principle, in which the material flows constantly through the weigher at a given capacity. Weighing is based on establishing a balance between the batch of the material and the weigher’s fixed weight. This ensures optimum accuracy, irrespective of the material being weighed. The robust but simple construction of the weighers ensures their reliable operation and makes the various models well suited to many agricultural and industrial applications.


The weighers may be used to record total throughput or to cut off the material flow once the required weight has been achieved. Range of Materials The weighers can be used for the weighing of cereals and other granular materials up to a particle size of 15 mm. They can also be used to weigh coarse ground materials, but are not suitable for fine meal or similar materials which bridge easily.

Their design enables them to be incorporated into conveying systems:to record material weight entering and leaving storage, to control ingredient weight for milling, and finished mix
weights for on-farm distribution.

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