Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevator V3

With variety of different bucket models, sizes and materials, our bucket elevators fully cover agricultural and industrial applications. The bucket elevator is designed for the transport of bulk goods, meal feed, grain and granules.

Some Types of Material

Mild Steel: Suitable for elevating sharp pieces, high bulk density materials or materials under high temperature circumstances

Stainless Steel: Corrosion resistant and heat resistant, also suitable for food industry

HDPE: Suitable for handling feed, grains and food products (High-density polyethylene)

Standard Equipment

  • Foot geared motor with back stop
  • Wear plate in elevator head Removable elevator top
  • Tightening function in elevator boot
  • Cleaning hatch in elevator boot Elevator feet
  • Inlet piece 45°
  • Elevator extension with inspection cover
  • Speed control monitor
  • Antistatic belt with steel bucket