Chain Transport System 45-60mm

falcon chain V2


Standard Loop Systems: 2.5/3 Cubic Meters per Hr

Short Double Loop Systems: 5 Cubic Meters per Hr

The output and distance of material conveying will determine which system will be best suited.



The chain conveyor moves in a continuous circuit the material at high speed. The flexibility of the chain enables it to be installed in almost any configuration. The chain is pulled through the circuit by a drive unit. The material is introduced into the system by means of a hopper with a vibrating wall that helps keep the material flowing. The material can be discharged from the circuit at any desired location by holes placed in the bottom of the tube. Any style of drop can be installed on the tube under the hole.

Calculation of the Maximum Length of the Circuit

Chain Conveyors-60mm


CodeDescriptionDisc øSpacingDisc Material
F601164Chain 60/7046mm70mmHardened Steel & Moplen
F601202Chain 60/70 SST46mm70mmStainless Steel with Nylon


Chain Transport System 45-60mm
F601293Joint for Chain Conveyor 60/50