Group Feeding Systems


The concept being the housing of sows in small groups and feeding a predetermined amount of feed, delivered simultaneously to all sows over a set period of time.

One group of sows can be fed a different quantity of feed per sow to those in another group. However, within the group, the amount dispensed to each sow place is the same. The system is predominantly straw based with sows grouped together according to size, condition or parity. Keeping group sizes small gives a greater degree of flexibility when carrying out this selection. In addition access to sows for individual attention or when moving them to farrowing accommodation etc. is made easier.

How does it work?
There are 2 stages to the operation :
1  with the conveyor running at fast speed the compartment is filled with the required amount of feed.
2  with the conveyor running at slow speed the feed is moved from the compartment down the drop pipe to the feeding place (about 3kg. in 15/20min).
– Distribution simultaneous, but diluted over time of the meals.
– Stress elimination.
– Homogeneous groups of sows.
– Free access to the animals.



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