Roller Mills

Bank Roller Mill

Roller Mills (Commercial Grade also avail.) are specifically designed for stock feed producers, feedlots, dairies, poultry and pig farms.

  • The standard capacities can range from 2-6 TPH and be regulated by a simple and precise flow rate adjustment.
  • Can be powered by 240/480 VAC or 415 VAC electric motors
  • Roller Mills Models are available in 1 Bank, 2 Bank and 3 Bank
  • Designed to process all grain types including peas, lupins and corn
  • Simple and fast adjustment of rolls for grain gap setting

Fully automatic and manually operated roller mills are available in three sizes:
4” (Rolls 4” W x 8” Diam.) Capacity = 2.00 Tonne per hour
6” (Rolls 6” W x 8” Diam.) Capacity = 3.50 Tonne per hour
8” (Rolls 8” W x 8” Diam.) Capacity = 4.50 Tonne per hour
Note: Specified roller mill capacity can vary according to type and condition of grain


• Fully automatic digital controller – suited to in line applications (grain flow is actuated and shut off automatically on demand-motor shuts down on a variable timer delay)
• Manual control – manual start/manual stop
• Three phase or single phase.
• Overhead hopper and frame available.
• Pneumatic actuation (in lieu of Vacuum)


• 3 hp Electric Motor ( 4” Mills)
• 5 hp Electric Motor (6” Mills)
• 10 hp Electric Motor (8” Mills)
• Solid rollers
• Belt and Gear drive combination
• Magnetic protection of rollers

Spring loaded roller overrides

Quick and simple adjustment of rollers

• Robust M/S construction
• Fully guarded, preventing accidental access to moving parts
• Lowline design to fit underneath most silos
• Remote lubrication of bearings