Storage Silos

pellet silo

Feed and Pellets silos are specially designed for the storage of stock feeds. Pellet silos can be installed with automatic feeding systems for a variety of livestock industries. They can be completely enclosed if required; the elevation allows galvanised roller mills to be fitted underneath.

Used in intensive agriculture with feed systems, Pellet Silos need to be completely enclosed to protect feed from moisture. The elevation allows readymade feed to flow freely from the silo.
Ready Feed Silos have an increased cone angle 45-60 degree, so the product will flow easier out of the storage units. Depending on the feed type, sometimes additional mechanical devices such as Vibration Air Fluidisers are required to assist.

Silos come in a variety of configurations and are the most common method of storing grain in Australia, making up 79% of all on-farm grain storage facilities nationally.

Silos can be transported fully constructed and ready to stand, or can be built onsite.

Typical Configurations:

  • Pellet Silo – 60 degree
  • Ready Feed Silo – 45 degree
  • Bulk Storage Silo – 28 degree

Silos for all your grain storage

From 7 to 80 tonne

Features 30° roof with remote easy on/off lid

Side ladder with safety cage

Fully sealed silo with pressure relief valve

Inspection access in cone

New 417 mm outlet

Sight glasses in every sheet

Ground operated fumigation system

trailer feeders

Trailer feeders

22, 30 and 42 bags (1.8T – 3.5T lupins)

Standard with jockey wheel, mudguards, 22 bag single axle, 30 & 42 bag tandem, LED lights & mechanical disc brakes

Axle rocker roller spring assembly, 2 tonne axles & hubs, 

New 16×7 white ranger rims and 205 light truck 16″ tyres.

Optional extras include: steel roof, tarp roof, partition 1/4 or 1/3, electric actuator, 4 wheel electric brakes, brake away controller & load cells.