Cablevey Cable 1.5″ & 2″

Cablevey 1 1/2″(38mm) cable conveyors are designed to operate on multiple planes such as feeding silos or moving materials from floor to mezzanine. The key advantages they offer over conventional tubular conveyors are:

  • Gentle material handling and low breakage
  • Maintaining proportional blends
  • Enclosed dust-free environment
  • Easy maintenance

Maximum length recommendations vary with the configuration of the system, cable speed and material being transported. As noted, the number of corners influences the maximum recommended length of the system. In most cases, the lower the bulk density of material, the further it can be moved.

Disc diameter of 25mm (1″) and 50mm spacing between discs.

SystemDistance# Corners
38mm (1 1/2") Cable. Rated at 9kg per minuteUp to 300 mtrs6-8 Corners
Up to 245 mtrs10 -12 Corners
Up to 185 mtrs14 - 16 Corners
Based on 641kg/m³ of material and speed of 24.4 mtrs per minute

Cable & Chain 

Cable & Button

C35201 1
CodeDescriptionDisc øSpacing
C352011.5" Cable25 mm50mm
C382012" Cable32 mm50mm

Cable Connectors

Cablevey Cable 1.5″ & 2″
C35209Cable Connector for 1.5" Cable
C38209Cable Connector for 2" Cable

Chain & Disc

F451164 1
CodeDescription Disc øSpacing 
F401164Chain 40/5028mm50mm
F451164Chain 45/5032mm50mm

Chain Joiners

chain joiners
F401293Joint for Chain Conveyor 40/50 & 45/5025mm
F601293Joint for Chain Conveyor 60/5035mm
F1021293Joint for Chain 102/8040mm

Cable Connector Template

Cablevey Cable 1.5″ & 2″
C38219Cable Connector Template