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For Automation of Processes

DOL Capacitive sensors are used for the automation of processes where there is a need for controlled conveyance and storage of materials. The capacitive sensors ensure an efficient and seamless handling of grain and other feedstuffs, among other things, but can also be used for handling wood, plastics and other granular materials.

The capacitive feed sensors ensure an efficient and seamless handling of grain and other feedstuffs, and can be used for handling wood, plastics and other granular materials.

The range includes both smooth sensors and sensors with screw threads.

• Detection of feed and grain in feed systems for livestock production
• Large range of functional, mechanical and electrical variants to meet every need
• Designed for aggressive livestock house environment


  • The Capacitive Sensor is designed for general detection of solid and loose materials. The sensor has potential-free relay contacts with a switch function.

    The product is intended for contactor operation but will be well suited for a number of other agricultural and industrial applications.

    CodeDescriptionVoltageOutput Type
    SK103266Dol 20R inc Bracket90 - 250v ACNO & NC


  • DOL 25 is connected to a central control unit or directly to a control relay. The types with integrated timers are particularly suitable for the direct control tasks.

    There are three basic types, which differ concerning functionality, operation and number of trimmers. The sensor with one trimmer has adjustable sensitivity and the sensor with two trimmers has both adjustable sensitivity and adjustable off-delay timer.

    Sensor No.Sensor Name.Sensor typeVoltageDiam øSmooth
    Output typeFlushed
    /Non Flushed
    SensitivityOn DelayOff DelayTrimmer 1Trimmer 2Power rating
    SK102001DOL 25 2-2TPNP10-36v DC18mmSmoothNO and NCNF0-12mm00-600sSensitivityOff Delay500mA
    SK102041DOL 25 B-2TSCR20-280v AC18mmSmoothBreakNF0-12mm00-600sSensitivityOff Delay500mA
    SK102134DOL 25 M-1TSCR20-280v AC18mmThreadMakeNF0-12mm00Sensitivity-500mA
    SK102913DOL 25 B-0TSCR20-280v AC18mmSmoothBreakNF6.5mm01s--500mA


  • DOL 26 is a Capacitive Sensor for detecting loose and solid materials, is immune to EMI, short circuits and any overload. No more burned off sensors due to installation mistakes.

    The mechanical design makes DOL 26 ideal for integration into applications with limited space. The full-return option is especially suited for feeding pans.

    Sensor No.Sensor Name.Sensor typeVoltageDiameterSmooth/
    Output typeOn DelayOff DelaySensitivityTrimmer 1Trimmer 2
    SK105120DOL 26 2-2TPNP10-36v DC18mmSmooth, Non FlushedNO and NC00-600s0-12mmSensitivityOff Delay
    SK105121DOL 26 B-2TSCR20-280v AC18mmSmooth, Non FlushedBreak00-600s0-12mmSensitivityOff Delay
    SK105128DOL 26 M-1TSCR20-280v AC18mmThread, Non FlushedMake000-12mmSensitivity-
    SK105132DOL 26 B-0TSCR20-280v AC18mmSmooth, Non FlushedBreak01s6.5mm--


  • The DOL 40R series of Capacitive Sensors provides great functionality and is easy to operate. The series includes three models with different functions.

    DOL 41R has no time delay. The relay switches as soon as the sensor is activated and remains in this position until the activating influence stops.
    DOL 43R has an option for delayed switch-off. When the activation stops, the time delay starts. When this delay expires, the relay switches back.
    Apart from the two options above the DOL 45R can also be set for delayed switch-on. The time delay will start when the sensor is activated. The relay switches when the time delay expires. The relay will not switch back until the activation stops.

    CodeDescriptionVoltageThreadedOn DelayOff DelaySensitivity
    Diam øOutput TypeFactory Settins - Delay
    SK100651DOL 45R90-250v
    Smooth0 to 4 hrs0-4hrs0-15mm30 mmNO & NC30 sec. OFF Delay/ 0 sec. ON Delay
    SK100652DOL 45R10-30v AC/DCSmooth0 to 4 hrs0-4hrs0-15mm30mmNO & NC30 sec. OFF Delay/ 0 sec. ON Delay
    SK100661DOL 43R90-250v
    Smooth00-4hrs0-15mm30 mmNO & NC30 sec. OFF Delay
    SK100662DOL 43R10-30v AC/DCSmooth00-4hrs0-15mm30 mmNO & NC30 sec. OFF Delay
    SK100671DOL 41R90-250v
    Smooth000-15mm30 mmNO & NC-
    SK100672DOL 41R10-30v AC/DCSmooth000-15mm30 mmNO & NC-
    SK100681DOL 45R90-250v
    Smooth with T fitting0 to 4 hrs0-4hrs0-15mm30 mmNO & NC0 sec. OFF Delay / 30 sec. ON Delay
    SK100761DOL 43R G90-250v
    Thread00-4hrs0-15mm30 mmNO & NC30 sec. OFF Delay
    SK100762DOL 43R G10-30v AC/DCThread00-4hrs0-15mm30 mmNO & NC30 sec. OFF Delay
    DOL 44R90 - 265v ACSmooth00-600 sec0-15mm30mmNO & NCMiddle - 7.5mm (Trimmer 1)
    Middle - 300s (Trimmer 2)


  • The DOL 46R Capacitive Feed Sensor is designed for general detection of feed, grain and solids. Is approved for operation in potentially explosive dust atmospheres. The ATEX approval makes the DOL 46R suitable for installations with explosion risk due to dust from feed processing. The 46R is a 30 mm sensor with relay output.

    Sensor No.Sensor Name.VoltageDiameterSmooth / ThreadNon Flushed / Semi FlushedHeatOutput typeOn DelayOff DelaySensetivityTrimmer 1Trimmer 2Max run timer
    SK10068iDOL 46R20-280v AC/DC
    30mmSmoothNon FlushedNoNO and NC0-3600 SEC0-3600S0-20mm--0-7200 SEC


  • CodeDescription 
    SK140121-PGPlastic gland PG21 incl. nut
    SK140107-PGPlastic gland for DOL 40R