Variable Speed Drive

variable speed drive

A Variable Speed Drive provides the flexibility of the most important elements of feed preparation solutions: adjusting speed to accommodate mixing standards when blending your grain is a vital element in producing the highest quality feed.

Also known as VSD which is used for power management. Additionally, a VSD can change an incoming electricity supply from Single Phase (240V) or rural Poly Phase (2 x 240V) to 3 Phase (415V). Another advantage of VSD is to control voltage fluctuation for motor factoring and supply.

Unifarm have partnered with Mitsubishi Electric, a world market leader, to design a compact affordable PLC specifically designed for the Agriculture, Brewery and Food sectors

The Unifarm Compact PLC is the new flagship line which sets new standards, delivering performance that was formerly the exclusive domain of larger control systems in a compact package.  PLC Automation Control Panels have an edge over conventional relay based systems. PLC Control Panels we manufacture are highly capable of giving higher output at less power consumption